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Yellow  - One size


Super strong, portable magnetic storage for bottles, bags, tools, and cords. Features two customized neodymium magnets set in polyurethane, fronted by durable TPU rubber, for non-damage and non-slip performance. Supported by hand made double-layered nylon straps with anti-slip silicone, which come in 3 sizes.

Glow Color

Glows orange when charged with ultraviolet light.

Capacity and Strap Lengths

Lochett  |3x Straps| 29 cm, 35 cm and 40 cm (Holds up to 4kgs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Locked on like a leech

Wow. This is a great innovation and brilliantly executed. I use the Litl Lochett for a water bottle and it grips really hard onto equipment around the gym I go to. I simply roll it off as if I pull there is stress on my cheap bottle! Its big brother, the Lochett, is really strong and can hold bigger loads like backpacks or heavy handtools. Once you have this, you will wonder how you did without it before!

Monique Michaels
I put this Lochett on everything

I have both Lochetts and Litl Lochetts. I use them on my reusable glass water bottles to affix them to my metal loft bed. The glow is a perfect no maintenance little beacon in the dark. I'm always a little surprised with how bright the glow is. It a great safety feature at night too. I'll be carry one water bottle on my bike. No cup holder needed as the water bottle stays solidly magnetized to the inside frame of my front bicycle basket. The rest I have around glass food storage jars that I stick to metal frame of my pantry cabinet. Easy access to twist the jars open to pull out what I need without needing to move the jars from the cabinet metal. With Lochetts any metal can be made a peg board.