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Lochett offers a magnetic approach to storage and space conservation. With dual neodymium magnets and non-slip double-layered nylon fabric straps, it securely attaches items such as bottles, tools,bags, and cords to metal surfaces within arm's reach. The design prioritizes practicality, avoiding damage while providing a reliable non-slip function.

  • Magnets

    N45 neodymium magnets amplified by
    gasketed nickel cups, enhancing pull force while preventing slippage.

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  • Straps

    Adjustable strapping system with double-layered nylon fabric, silicone beading coating for enhanced grip, and available in three sizes per product.

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  • Glow

    Lochett has a glow in the dark feature when charged with UV light. The
    yellow glows orange, the black glows green, and the blue glows turquoise.

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Lochett features two incredibly powerful custom neodymium magnets, set in polyurethane and a rubber overmold. Its straps come in three adjustable sizes, made of double layered nylon fabric and non-slip silicone. Lochett’s rubber front prevents damage to surfaces and slippage, while delivering confident performance & holding capacity.

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Organize & store

Areas with limited space provide the perfect setting for Lochett and Litl Lochett. They can be utilized to store items used frequently or occasionally. Your belongings on display and ready to use whatever the timeframe. A system of organization readily accessible and within reach. Lochett significantly increases storage capacity of metal shelves, benches, cabinets, and gym equipment, making available the entire object, not only designated spaces.    

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Lochett & Litl Lochett can be strapped to your belongings in a relaxed or tight position. Depending on the use case and size of your object, the straps can be adjusted to perfectly match the shape of what you are holding. Each Lochett comes with its own glow color, activated by ultraviolet light.

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Lochett Sizes

Lochett comes in two sizes and is engineered to overperform. The standard Lochett weighs 73 grams and is recommended to hold up to 4000 grams (4 kilograms), while Litl Lochett weighs 23 grams and is recommended for up to 2000 grams (2 kilograms). Both sizes come with three handmade straps (of differing lengths), so your Lochetts can fit a variety of items. Both sizes glow in the dark and have an exceptional power-to-weight ratio.