Lochett, an Australian-designed and owned product, transitioned from two successful Kickstarter campaigns to commercial status in October 2023. Geared with the necessary resources to meet growing demand, we're thrilled to bring these versatile products into people's hands. A highly practical gadget, Lochett finds utility across homes, garages, worksites, gyms, industrial activities, travel, and beyond.

The Idea

Lochett's inception aimed to magnetically secure bottles of all shapes and sizes to gym equipment. The goal was simple: keep your bottles within arm's reach, off the floor, and ergonomically convenient. Prior to market release, the product had to demonstrate ease of use and confident functionality. After extensive prototyping and testing, what initially seemed like a straightforward project demanded thorough investigation and design considerations.

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Design Aspects

Considerations such as anti-slip properties, damage-resistant attachment, grip, friction coefficient, power-to-weight ratio, and ease of use, have influenced the design and final outcome of the Lochett. Adjustable straps with size variations enhance the product's versatility, while the addition of silicone beading increases friction for efficient and easy dislodgment. The product's shape facilitates easy dislodgement—simply roll it to one side and disconnect the powerful bond.


Lochett's custom-designed magnets consist of a neodymium core, which is secured and amplified by nickel cups, separated by a rubberized gasket. Our dual magnetic system is designed to balance power while preserving the structural integrity of the product. By utilizing two magnets instead of one larger magnet, we enhance attachment capabilities while minimizing the risk of damage to surfaces. This system also enables efficient use on thinner metals by maximizing the surface area of the magnetic force.