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Light Blue  - Two sizes 


Super strong, portable magnetic storage for bottles, bags, tools, and cords. Features two customized neodymium magnets set in polyurethane, fronted by durable TPU rubber, for non-damage and non-slip performance. Supported by hand made double-layered nylon straps with anti-slip silicone, which come in 3 sizes.

Glow Color

Glows turquoise when charged with ultraviolet light.

Capacity and Strap Lengths

Lochett  |3x Straps| 29 cm, 35 cm and 40 cm (Holds up to 4kgs)

Litl Lochett  |3x Straps| 15cm, 21cm and 29 cm (Holds up to 2kgs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great as Gifts for tradies

I got my brother a big and small Lochett set for a bday and it's been rubbed in the dirt, accidentally driven over,
pulled out of a dogs mouth and still holds up perfectly. The glow is just as strong after a rinse and the magnets work great.

He says it's perfect to snap his jig saw against the tray of his ute when he's doing pick-up-put-down work on customer houses without a proper workshop set up.

A few of his mates have teased him about the brightness of his blue hammer at night, but already want to know where they can buy their own.

Harrison Brown
Handy little gadget

Very useful for keeping an outside broom in a convenient to reach place where the dog can't tear it to shreds. Quite handy, and the magnets and strap worked better than I expected they would